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Heavenly Jungle with Harp and Nature Soundscape

This lush, tropical harp journey is a relaxing, wonderful ride. Soar up to the treetops in this magical world, dance in the rain, and listen to insects chirp, birds si...

Music for Sleep with Relaxing Waves

A relaxing half hour with harp and beautiful waves. I've had great feedback about this piece helping my dear friends find a state of tranquillity and deep sleep. I hop...

Simplicity Reset - Simple Resonant Harp

This is a short harp reset using two chords in the key of F# Minor. Nourishing vibrations and resonance echo out with the harp strings. Take it all in. It's ethereal, ...

Mystical Angels - Harp & Ethereal Voice

This is a magical little harp journey with uplifting voices swirling all around. I had fun adding them; it's always a pleasure experimenting with my voice. It's haunti...

Mermaid's Power - Soothing Harp & Wave Soundscape

Happy New Year! This lovely piece is the first from my new seaside home, hooray! 🌊⛵🌊 It's got a lovely, relaxing sea soundscape which I recorded on New Year's Day and ...

Run with the Wolves - Run with Ancient Magic

I love this harp journey featuring a wolf soundscape. The harp melodies and ethereal wolf howls intertwine so beautifully together. It's like they were always meant to...

Mermaid's Embrace - Cascading Effervescent Sparkling Harp

Happy Friday! This is a gloriously sweeping harp journey full of joy and vibrancy. It ebbs and flows and has an uplifting energy to it as it dances across the strings....

Shining Solstice Harp With Blackbirds & Seagulls - Uplifting

This harp journey was recorded on the Summer Solstice 2023. It's a vibrant, joyful offering (in E Major & its modes) with some incredible birdsong to accompany it. The...

Mermaid's Lament: Harp And Seascape

This is a soothing piece of music, which will lull you into relaxation like the waves of the ocean. It's a lament so it's pensive and emotive. What is this mermaid lam...

Captivating Hour of Magical Harp Music - 432Hz

Enjoy an hour of healing harp music with music married together from different albums. It's relaxing, haunting and melodic. Listen to sail the seas to unknown, magical...

Sea Jam Improvisation - G Harmonic Minor

Happy Saturday! I love recording my harp practises because I'm relaxed, exploratory and less tense. Wrong notes don't matter, they're encouraged. In fact, as new melod...

Playfulness - Ethereal Bright Loveliness

A sparkle of loveliness for your day with a sprinkling of joyful harp. From my course Five Minute Sparkle. Enjoy a whole magical library of wonderful, healing sounds.

Peacefully Relaxing Five Minutes of Angelic Harp

Hello Happy Saturday! Here's a sweet five minutes of lovely, warming harp music. Shine on dear people 🌞

Introspection Music - Magical - Pensive Solitude

Hey Happy Friday! This is some music from my new course 5 Minute Sparkle: 30 Empowering Days. This is Day 13 - Introspection. The music is emotive, soft and pensive. T...

Self-Respect - Music from 5 Minute Sparkle Course - Pre-Release ⭐

Hey! Happy Monday! This is sweet music from my new meditation course 5 Minute Sparkle - 30 Empowering Days. I'm excited to share it with you. It has been a beautiful p...

Miracles - La Navigatrice Release

This piece was inspired by a healing session I held about miracles, divine intervention and the serendipitous magic we experience at times in our lives. It's in F# min...

Wings of Freedom - Emotive Ethereal Harp - Dreamy - Healing

A longer piece taking in all the modes in C major whilst meditating on the joy we find in our hearts.

Magical Frosty Full Moon Meditation - Bright Crisp Uplifting Harp & Sweet Birdsong

Fill yourself up with glorious, ethereal harp melodies and soar to the angelic heavens to dance with celestial beings.

Neptune - Glorious Ethereal Harp Journey from Planets II

Come sail away with Neptune's energy and feel joyful expanse.

Hunter's Moon

Nourishing, powerful harp for prosperity and fulfillment.

The Chamber of Treasure - 432Hz - Exotic - Calming - Ethereal

Enter into a magical jewelled chamber full of rich, musical delight.

Auroric Embrace - Bright Emotional Harp - 432Hz

Cyclical, emotional harp full of joy and melancholy.

Cosmic Dance - 432 Hz - Playful - Spacey

Relaxing, bright harp with a touch of cosmic playfulness.

100 Episodes of Late Nite Harp!

Celebrating a great milestone for my harp podcast. 100 Episodes! 🎉

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