Auroric Embrace - Bright Emotional Harp - 432Hz

Cyclical, emotional harp full of joy and melancholy.
I've been thinking about the cycles of life. There are ups and downs. Nothing is forever as much as we wish it were and all the emotional, unpredictable times are part of us - part of our journey. We have to own them. And sail through them all the same. It helps to have a bright heart. And joyful thoughts make life easier. A lightness of spirit lifts us up. I've met people with the opposite makeup and I feel for them.  It's about finding the beauty in every moment, even through all the challenging emotions that try to bring us down. Take some time to let the tears fall, then rise up again even stronger! We are in control of our thoughts ultimately - as much as we think we aren't. It's just finding a way to manage them and lift ourselves up to the radiant sun to receive grace from the universe. Cycles and circles. Our lives are full of them.

This piece keeps returning to the same wonderful, cyclical melody. It's in Eb Major and C Minor so touches on a more mournful tone, but within the melancholy I've created a joyful energy which I return to again and again. Like the cycles of life. Bittersweet and overflowing.

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