Birdsong Lullaby - Ethereal Harp Reset & Magical Song Birds

This piece begins with a bright, uplifting lullaby of around three minutes. Then follows uninterrupted and richly glorious birdsong.
A sweet, joyful harp reset in uplifting D Major. The melody reminds me of the kind of music I used to hear ringing round school when I was a teacher. The childrens' voices would be bright, happy and alive and everything felt right with the world - it used to make me quite emotional : )

The birds were recorded in my garden in Scotland. They're busy singing their spring songs at the moment. Some birds I don't even know the names of (yet : ), so diverse are they. Louder and more melodic each day, they get. I'm loving every minute of it. Bathing in birdsong is my favourite thing in the world.

For Papa. 11 years ago today you left this earth to fly free. 🌞❤️🌟
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