Call of the Mermaids - Magical Swirling Ethereal Harp & Voice

Cyclical harp with swirling ethereal voice.
The mermaids are swirling tonight with an ethereal harp and voice track full of glorious reverb taking you to higher realms with angels and light beings.

This piece is full of hypnotic magic.

If you would like an ethereal harp video made just for you or a friend or family member, please have a look at what I am offering. A bespoke service of healing and nourishment with divine harp music. I'll make a unique piece, with a caring, personal message. It'll be such a joy and an honour to create.

It's a beautiful gift for you or a loved one.

Please help me buy a car to enable me to play in the community more easily and to those people in hospices at the end of their lives.

A thousand thank yous for your generosity. ❤️✨❤️✨

Love to all. Shine brightly 🌞

Mermaid art by Tatyana

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