Cosmic Dance - 432 Hz - Playful - Spacey

Relaxing, bright harp with a touch of cosmic playfulness.
I'm experimenting with not playing so many notes all at once. It's a habit to play familiar patterns of strings in all my pieces; my fingers feel like they always need to be plucking something or at least ready to pluck something and I wanted to change that to allow the music more space and pauses so it can literally soar upwards, morphing and changing as it goes. Although it feels like forever to me, as I refrain from playing, I like what I've created here. There are peaceful moments to breathe in the sound vibrations. By the time 3 minutes comes around though, I'm up to my old tricks - unable to keep from plucking those strings 😍 It's a happy dance of a piece. Maybe played at a futuristic, cosmic ball somewhere far far away.

My Bandcamp page - La Navigatrice 
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