Planets I 🎊 New Album 🎊 Jupiter ✨

This is a cosmic harp journey into Jupiter. A track from my new album - Planets I.
Thank you to those who have already bought my new album 🙏🏼 Looking forward to releasing it fully on July 13th. I definitely went on a huge musical journey whilst making it. I had so much sound going into my ears and into brain during production - so many sound waves, that there were times I had to take a step back and hear nothing at all. So full of sound was I. And in the quiet I'd learn things too. But honestly, it wouldn't last long because the music would keep on going in my head even when I wasn't listening! I was so fully immersed in the cosmic adventure of making this planet suite, I think I even heard it in my sleep.

May you enjoy the adventure too. It's a time for you to settle back and go with the planetary flow. Who knows what you'll discover.

Go well! Shine on! Thanks again. Holly.

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