Song of Robin Red Breast ~ Sweet, Gentle Harp feat. Robin Song

A darling little harp piece with a glorious melody and delightful birdsong.
I recorded this stunning birdsong at 4am recently, walking back home after a night of dancing. I look forward to my after-club-dawn-chorus walks so much. I met some robins on this early morn, singing their hearts out in the trees above. Then they joined me on the path, bobbing around, unfazed by my being there. Their round little bodies are so sweet. I love how tame they are. I know they have a special relationship with humans. I’ve heard many stories.

I got my recorder out and caught some of their morning singsong. Isn’t it divine?

This little piece is in A Minor. Whilst practising tonight, I stumbled across this gorgeous melody, so thought I’d stay there for a while and enjoy its vibration.

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