Spirals of Melodies - Soft, Bright Harp & Glorious Birdsong

Melodic harp and birdsong meet and make magic. Come spiral and swirl with uplifting, ethereal harp.
My harp playing begins softly tonight, floating in on a breeze. I love this style. I'll explore it more. To hear melodies on the breeze, not knowing where they're coming from is a real treat. Have you ever experienced that? Healing moments of magic. There are some amazing robins in the mix tonight too. And I love all the spirals and melodic patterns I explore. 6 mins onwards conjures up a special energy for me. Enjoy!

It would have been my Dad's 89th birthday today. This piece is connecting with him up there, at the top of one of those glorious melodic spirals. Happy Birthday Pa!
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