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Song of Robin Red Breast ~ Sweet, Gentle Harp feat. Robin Song

A darling little harp piece with a glorious melody and delightful birdsong.

Snowflake ~ Uplifting Harp Music

A sweet, uplifting, playful piece reminding me of a little snowflake dancing in the breeze.

Flower in the Wind ~ Magical Harp Music

A harp journey into a flower as it grows and blossoms. Relaxing and ethereal.

😸 Into the Cavern of Cats 🎃 Halloween Special 🎃 Spooky, Ambient Soundtrack 😽

A spooky soundtrack celebrating Halloween and Samhain. Moody and Atmospheric. Featuring creepy cats!

Heartbeat of the Sea ~ Ambient, Dreamy Soundscape feat. Whale Song

A deep ocean soundscape, uplifting, meditative with lots of ethereal whale song.

La Navigatrice II ~ Ethereal Track from Debut Album La Navigatrice

This is a hypnotic, watery cosmic harp track. Prepare to sail across oceans, meet wise birds and be soothed by ethereal harp.

Unfurling ~ Gorgeous Track from Debut Album La Navigatrice

Unfurling has murky, bassy depths and rhythmically joyful heights.

Spirit Angel ~ Ethereal, Bright, Cosmic Journey

This uplifting piece is full of high vibrations. I imagined a sweet spirit guiding me through life with love and care as I played.

Dance of the Summertime Children ~ Lovely, Innocent Harp Music

While I played today, I imagined us all dancing in flower meadows with smiles on our faces.

Dandelion Seed ~ Light, Bright, Airy

A bright, ethereal cosmic harp journey meditating on the feeling of weightlessness and flying.

Farewell Little One ~ Melodic, Magical, Sparkly Harp

This is an instrumental version of a sweet little song I wrote about a cat called Cookie in her memory.

Romanian Dream ~ Exotic, Majestic, Romantic Journey

This cosmic harp journey is in the Romanian or Ukranian Scale and full of mystery and magic with lots of exotic sounds running through it.

In the Deep of the Forest ~ Ethereal, Expansive, Deep

This beautiful song flows with earth and air energy. Its ethereal overtones make it magical and uplifting.

The World Keeps on Turning ~ Comtemplative, Melancholic Harp

This piece in C Minor is steadfast and earthy. Also, a little forlorn in places but still reaches moments of high sparkle.

Sahara Dancing Free ~ Exotic Harp, Bright and Beautiful

Swirling, beautiful melodies bathe in an exotic, mysterious atmosphere.

Forest Kiss ~ Relaxing Nature Sounds with Ethereal Harp

This music has a fruity, vibrant feel. I play in C Minor Harmonic and added in a little tropical soundscape taking you to pure bliss.

The Spring Queen ~ Exciting Musical Vision Quest to meet Spring Faeries & Pixies

The Spring Queen is here to wake everyone up! All the spirits of the forest, the pixies, fae folk and elementals. This is joyful music for a magical adventure.

Dawn Loveliness - Seagulls, Blackbirds, Beautiful Relaxing Harp

A totally gorgeous improvisation full of hope, joy and lots of dreamy birdsong!

Exploration ~ Ethereal, Divine, Angelic

A beautiful improv in E Minor with healing harp strings and incredible melodies.

The Night Circus ~ Exotic, Dark, Mystical Journey

Welcome to The Night Circus, a place of enchantment and dreamy realities.

A Journey ~ Dreamy, Exotic, Soothing Harp Journey

A piece with an exotic feel and a vast amount of dreamy reverb dancing around.

Beija-Flor ~ Paulo Roberto ~ Santo Daime ~ Epic Cathedral Sacred Song

Here’s an epic song for you. It was already fast and strenuous to sing and then I went and made it sound like it was in a cathedral too.

O Anjo de Deus ~ Santo Daime ~ P. Alfredo ~ Angelic Healing & Protection

I love the energy of this song. It’s hypnotic to sing and I’m all into being protected by angels.

Luar ~ Moonlight ~ Léo Artese ~ Magical Mermaid Song

This beautiful, mystical song is about The Queen of the Sea ~ Mamãe Yemanjá.

Snowy White Night ~ Magically Enchanting Lullaby

A gorgeous lullaby, perfect for cold nights all cosy inside.

Soaring ~ Ethereal, Soothing, Meditative Harp

When I hear this song I think of kites and bubbles : ) I like the moods it goes through in the space of five mins. The tempo changes, it’s loud then soft, it ebbs, it ...

Aurora ~ Magical, Uplifting, Sparkling Harp

This piece conjurs up the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.

Mermaids ~ Delightful, Enchanting, Healing, Magic

A mermaid song full of healing cosmic harp. Relax and unwind into this glorious journey.

Rashin Coatie ~ Cinderella ~ Melancholic Harp Meditation

A contemplative harp journey, soft and gentle with moments of brightness and moments of sorrow.

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