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Auroric Embrace - Bright Emotional Harp - 432Hz

Cyclical, emotional harp full of joy and melancholy.

Cosmic Dance - 432 Hz - Playful - Spacey

Relaxing, bright harp with a touch of cosmic playfulness.

100 Episodes of Late Nite Harp!

Celebrating a great milestone for my harp podcast. 100 Episodes! πŸŽ‰

Love Activation - 432Hz - Dreamy - Effervescent - Joyous

A sweet, delicate harp activation helping you soar into the heights of love.

Raw Beauty - Harp Activation in C Major

Exploring the modes of C Major, I discovered these beautiful melodies.

Planets I 🎊 New Album 🎊 Jupiter ✨

This is a cosmic harp journey into Jupiter. A track from my new album - Planets I.

Magic of the Sun - Bright Ethereal Harp - 432Hz - Solstice Blessings!

This harp piece unfolds brightly and effervescently. It's ethereal and glorious in its resonance. It celebrates Summer Solstice.

Ethereal Sunshine Tango - 432Hz - Expansive - Mysterious - Healing Harp

Ethereal, mysterious, majestic, relaxing harp. The harp, she sings. Come get healed.

Sunny Blooms - Magical Effervescent Harp

Bright, enchanting harp music of life blooming in the sunshine. Happy Birthday Simon my love 🌻

Refreshing Springtime Reset - 432Hz - Bright & Cheery

A happy, nourishing reset in cheery F Major to blow away the cobwebs.

Mermaid Reset - Wavy - Gentle - Cosmic Ethereal Harp 432Hz

This piece feels watery and wavy. It's soft and gentle. Delicate and serene.

Birdsong Lullaby - Ethereal Harp Reset & Magical Song Birds

This piece begins with a bright, uplifting lullaby of around three minutes. Then follows uninterrupted and richly glorious birdsong.

Come Little Hummingbird - Sweet - Innocent - Uplifting Harp

Welcome new listeners, a little bit about me and a harp song about a hummingbird.

Dreamy Reset - 432Hz - Mystical & Bright

A short harp reset in 432Hz using some chords in Eb Lydian.

Spirals of Melodies - Soft, Bright Harp & Glorious Birdsong

Melodic harp and birdsong meet and make magic. Come spiral and swirl with uplifting, ethereal harp.

Soul Seed ~ Pure Ethereal Sound from Deep within your Soul 432Hz

Beyond all external forces, deep within, lies light and healing sound that will not falter.

Silver Snow Moon ~ Dreamy, Relaxing Harp

Tonight’s full moon offering is in A Harmonic Minor with a deep sound of space reverberating around.

I Dream of Flower Meadows ~ Gloriously Uplifting Harp & Birdsong

This lovely little piece came to me in a big ball of joy. The birdsong is exquisite too and fits perfectly with the atmosphere.

Tree of Love ~ Passionate Harp from my Latest Album Craobhan

Tree of Love is passionate, vivacious, exotic and features divine birdsong.

Angel Dawn ~ Ambient, Soothing Soundscape

A divine listen for your morning meditation or to rest your tired eyes after a busy day. These few moments will rejuvenate you.

The Castle ~ Rich, Reverberating, Bassy, Ambient Soundscape

A richly romantic cosmic harp journey full of swirly softness, glorious bass and brilliant drama.

Song of Robin Red Breast ~ Sweet, Gentle Harp feat. Robin Song

A darling little harp piece with a glorious melody and delightful birdsong.

Snowflake ~ Uplifting Harp Music

A sweet, uplifting, playful piece reminding me of a little snowflake dancing in the breeze.

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