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Forest Kiss ~ Relaxing Nature Sounds with Ethereal Harp

This music has a fruity, vibrant feel. I play in C Minor Harmonic and added in a little tropical soundscape taking you to pure bliss.

The Spring Queen ~ Exciting Musical Vision Quest to meet Spring Faeries & Pixies

The Spring Queen is here to wake everyone up! All the spirits of the forest, the pixies, fae folk and elementals. This is joyful music for a magical adventure.

Dawn Loveliness - Seagulls, Blackbirds, Beautiful Relaxing Harp

A totally gorgeous improvisation full of hope, joy and lots of dreamy birdsong!

Exploration ~ Ethereal, Divine, Angelic

A beautiful improv in E Minor with healing harp strings and incredible melodies.

The Night Circus ~ Exotic, Dark, Mystical Journey

Welcome to The Night Circus, a place of enchantment and dreamy realities.

A Journey ~ Dreamy, Exotic, Soothing Harp Journey

A piece with an exotic feel and a vast amount of dreamy reverb dancing around.

Beija-Flor ~ Paulo Roberto ~ Santo Daime ~ Epic Cathedral Sacred Song

Here’s an epic song for you. It was already fast and strenuous to sing and then I went and made it sound like it was in a cathedral too.

O Anjo de Deus ~ Santo Daime ~ P. Alfredo ~ Angelic Healing & Protection

I love the energy of this song. It’s hypnotic to sing and I’m all into being protected by angels.

Luar ~ Moonlight ~ Léo Artese ~ Magical Mermaid Song

This beautiful, mystical song is about The Queen of the Sea ~ Mamãe Yemanjá.

Snowy White Night ~ Magically Enchanting Lullaby

A gorgeous lullaby, perfect for cold nights all cosy inside.

Soaring ~ Ethereal, Soothing, Meditative Harp

When I hear this song I think of kites and bubbles : ) I like the moods it goes through in the space of five mins. The tempo changes, it’s loud then soft, it ebbs, it flows, it soars in places and swirls up, up, up.

Aurora ~ Magical, Uplifting, Sparkling Harp

This piece conjurs up the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis.

Mermaids ~ Delightful, Enchanting, Healing, Magic

A mermaid song full of healing cosmic harp. Relax and unwind into this glorious journey.

Rashin Coatie ~ Cinderella ~ Melancholic Harp Meditation

A contemplative harp journey, soft and gentle with moments of brightness and moments of sorrow.

The Queen of Autumn ~ Exciting, Beautiful Harp Energy

I see an elusive, strong, golden queen taking care of her trees. This magical piece is her majestic song.

Beija-Flor - Hummingbird (Kiss Flower)

In my twenties I spent many hours singing the most beautiful Brazilian songs from the Rainforest. Funnily enough I discovered them when I took a rickshaw ride in Holland and the dutch person driving was singing one of the songs. Talk about fate! I was hooked for ten years. Then I stopped singing them as life changed direction and danced to a different rhythm and they slept in my heart. Now they’re awakening once more and I’m excited to sing them again and play them on the harp. These songs take some influence from Catholicism and while I’m not religious in the traditional sense of the word, I can appreciate their power and magic. Once I get wrapped up in the melody I spiral high and forget everything else. These tunes mesmerise me. My religion is Love and these songs are full of love, healing, hummingbirds, nature, spirits of the forest, motherly vibrations and divine beings like angels and The Queen of the Sea (Mamãe Yemanjá). It’s funny I’ve got a Celtic heritage and I’m singing songs from far away lands, lands where I’ve never been before but they changed my life back then and I love singing them so much. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in my style (much slower and gentler than the originals). I feel called to. The world needs healing songs right now. This one’s called Hummingbird…it’s one of my favourites. Yay! É Beija, é Beija-Flor Que minha Mãe me entregou Para afastar as doenças De quem for merecedor Meu Mestre está comigo Pois ele é meu amor É no céu e na terra Jesus Cristo Salvador Oh meu Juramidam Foi Ele quem me mandou Para relembrar lembranças Da salvação do amor Meu Mestre está comigo Mesmo aqui aonde estou É a glória do meu Pai Jesus Cristo Redentor Eu digo tá, eu digo tá Eu digo tá e aqui estou Eu não me esqueço, eu só me lembro Do meu Mestre Ensinador Pad. Sebastião

Choro Muito e Lamento ~ M. Irineu ~ Santo Daime Sacred Song

A little lullaby from Brazil by Mestre Irineu of the Santo Daime tradition.

Cookie Cat ~ Melancholic Lullaby

A sweet little song about a dear little cat.

São Damião by Keila ~ A Santo Daime Healing Song

A powerful healing song calling in the energies of Santa Maria the Holy Mother.

Come Feel ~ Healing Voice, Healing Harp

An emotive song inspired by the band Throes of Dawn.

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